no bra and itty bitty panties ;)

hey guys,

i went out for dinner last night wearing a little black dress with no bra and super tiny panties…many of you were asking for pics, and as promised…here they are!

hope you like them ;)


13 thoughts on “no bra and itty bitty panties ;)

  1. I can’t live without you,
    I can’t even die without you,
    you are my dream, my desire, my passion….
    you are the one whom I love more than anything, more than anyone,
    You are my life, my love, my world..
    I can’t even think about life without you,
    you are my inspiration, my power, my weakness…
    I feel your presence all the time,
    You are my ecstasy, my spirit, my soul…
    I can’t face the hardships of life without you,
    You are my strength, my confidence, my triumph…

  2. well if i had gone out with you there with you dressed like that we would have dinner and then i would take you home for the desert

  3. i wish i was at dinner with you lol. dessert would have been amazing after seeing you for a starter and main,it would have to have been stawberries and cream xx

  4. woow ma u fuxkin roxked that dress an u waz killin ya unda-garmet


  5. mina you are so gorgeous. those tiny panties are very sexy as well as your beautiful butt. you must feel naughty when out with no bra. lol. kisses sweetheart

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